Vision & Mission


Savannakhet University (SKU) is a center of education and culture, especially in central provinces which have the following visions:

– Develop the quality of human resources and conduct scientific research work.

– Referring to the government policy, SKU has due to develop the socioŒeconomics and eliminate the poverty of Lao people.

– Protect and use natural resources in a sustainable method

– Promote the beauty of Lao multi-ethnic culture.


1. The creating of Savannakhet University is in the plan of the development of national socioŒeconomics and strategic plan for the development of 3 central provinces(Savannakhet, Khammoune, Bolokhamxay…).

2. SKU is to be continuously developed in order to make the people in rural and urban areas have the opportunity to access and continue education at a high level.

3. The development of SKU integrates with the strategic plan of national education by upgrading the quality of education step by step in order to meet the national standard as well as the international level.

4. Create the SKU to be the central development of human resources in central provinces in order to push the LaoŒethnic minority has a common stake.