• Year 2005

    in 2005, the Sixth General Congress of Savannakhet Province (28-30 July 2005) resolved a strategic program on socio-economic development of the province which set forth, among others, to set up a new university in the central part of the country.

  • Year 2008

    on 30th December 2008, the Minister of Education and Sports issued a mandate for creating a committee called “Savannakhet University Creating Committee”. 

  • Year 2009

    While on 27th March 2009, the Prime Minister of Lao PDR promulgated the decree No 091/PM for authorizing the establishment of Savannakhet University. Finally, Savannakhet University was founded on 27th March 2009.

  • Year 2019

    Savannakhet University last week hosted an event to celebrate its 10th anniversary after opening its doors to students in October 2009, becoming Laos’ fourth state-run university.
    Students from around the country are increasingly seeking places at the university and today it has 8,811 students on its books.
    The university comprises the faculties of Agriculture and Environment, Business Management, Languages, Humanities, Technology and Information, Food Science, Education, Natural Science, and Engineering.
    Some of its courses aim to develop the rural areas in particular, at the bachelor degree level, and it also has master’s degree courses in business as well as in education management and development that target students from rural areas.
    Last academic year Savannakhet University had 309 officials and a total of 5,849 students graduated, of whom 3,233 were female.