Sustainable Farming (SFARM)


The SFARM project aims in advancing the skills of academic staff, students and agricultural extension staff in partner Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) of Laos, Vietnam, China and Indonesia, through the development of new curricula and a MSc programme that integrate in a practical way the latest developments in agricultural applied research.

The purpose is to provide agricultural stakeholders with knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of agro-environmental technology for sustainable agriculture.

SFARM Objectives


To develop new specialized curricula and an innovative MSc programme on sustainable agricultural thus helping build the capacity of the Asian HEIs, improve the level of competences and skills offered, and address the existing absence of a similar programme

Promote cooperation

Promote cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between EU and Asian HEIs.

Establish viable synergies

Establish viable synergies and links with the regional agricultural industry in order to address their needs in specialized personnel in sustainable agriculture, training needs and enhance the employability of SFARM graduates.