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From Automation and Control Training to the Overall Roll-out of Industry 4.0

Across SouthEast Asian Nations

Reference : 609854-EPP-1-2019-1-FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP [2019-2023]

Project objectives:

Nowadays in Europe, automation is reshaping the manufacturing tools to decrease the product cost within environmental objective guidelines, customized production and valuable improvement of work conditions.

At opposite side, in least developed countries of Asia the labour market has mostly found employment in farming and manufacturing is still using low cost manpower with poor qualification profile. For these Asian countries, the industrial structure of the economy is still at its beginning and is facing many challenges with their education system. One of them is the lack of expert educated with corresponding skills to work on new technology of automation in processing and manufacturing system. It is usual in the corresponding factories to find foreigners holding high qualified job profile as universities have not yet incorporated dedicated lab to provide the right skills to their students.

Asean Factori 4.0 project propose to contribute to this challenge by the design of a set of industrial automation labs with a corresponding staff training program to initiate the foundation of center of excellence in Automation. In each institution, different kinds of pedagogical process will be implemented and tested to create a network of competencies among our partner countries following their local needs and to permit cross learning approach during the project. Through the Industry 4.0 roadmap, the project is the first step to educate students to prepare a future generation of qualified workers able to implement advanced manufacturing and processing machinery.


Key Activities: Accreditation, Administrative and Management, Centre of Excellence, Dissemination-Impact &Communication, Pilot Project, and Survey.

Pilot Project:

Pilot Project


Faculty of Engineering & Faculty of Information Technology involved in the project & decided to modify & update the contents of the courses. The Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) modified the ‘Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller-PLC’ and ‘Digital Electronics’, while the Bachelor Degree of Network Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, has adopted the ‘PLC’ course into their curriculum.

The modified & updated contents were less than 20% of the whole study program, so, the accreditation process had been done at faculty level. The ‘Turning Dynamic Quality Development Circle’ had been use as one of the approach to be a guideline of the accreditation. Both modified courses are expected to be taught in coming academic year 2023-2024. Here is link to modified courses:


The benchmark is provided by EU partner, P1- Universite Claude Bernard Lyon1( UCBL1). This equipment is used for practical lab at the centre of excellence, since academic year 2022-2023.


Center of Excellence:

SKU team had set up the new centre of excellence room at the Faculty of Engineering, the COE is used as training hub of the PLC & other relating labs, installed equipment & benchmark.

Center of Excellence


SKU had done two surveys, curriculum survey and company survey to evaluate the current existing courses and needs of the skills and competencies required by the industrial firms or employers as following



List of publication

  1. Georgieva, T., N. Bencheva, P. Daskalov, H. Yahoui, S. Khemmarath. Capacity development by implementation of PLC trainings towards Industry 4.0. IN: 31st Annual Conference of the European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering, EAEEIE 2022, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2022, pp. -, ISBN 9781665484428. – file: P2-Diss-b3-Paper1 (P2&P1&P7)
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  4. Khemmarath Sitha, Norasane Khonesavanh, Sombounsack Phoumdavone , “Accredtation Process for modification course: A Case of PLC Program course, Department of Electrical Engineering, Savannakhet University, Laos” 2023 Joint ASEAN Factori 4.0 Bangkok round table, Faculty of engineering, kasethsarth university, Thailand, 2023.



Lao Roundtable meeting in Luangprabang 04 August 2023

The round table meeting was held in Luangprabang between 30 July and 05 August 2023, where the round table was organized on 04 August 2023 in order to gain feedback about the project, modified courses and future cooperation among partner universities, relating ministries and industries. There were five VIPs from different sectors participated as panelists including the Director General of Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education & Sports, Vice-President of the University of Health Sciences, Director of Namkhan 2-3 Power Plant, & representative of the KOLAO Developing Co.Ltd ( DAEHAN company).



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Asean Factori 4.0 meeting:Reviewing & discussions for preparing final report2023


Venue:Phuket, Thailand

Conference mode: Hybrid (In-person &Online)

Training PLC lab- Practical training from University of Ruse, Bulgaria to 4 lecturers of SKU, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Information Technology during 20-23 June 2022 (Online).

Bilateral Meeting P2- University of Ruse (Bulgaria) and P7 – Savannakhet University (SKU) on 17 June 2022, Time: 2:00-3:00 pm (Laos time), 10:00-11:00 a.m (Bulgaria time), 9:00-10:00 a.m (Hungary time).

ASEAN FACTORI 4.0 – Lao University partner meeting.

Date: 15 June 2022, time: 17:00-18:00 Laos time.

Re-Post: The Consortium meeting of Asean Factori 4.0 was hosted by Yahoui HAMED, the coordinator of the project from France, dated 12May2021




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